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Theresa Fend

Theresa Fend

✨ Mothers’ circle / krąg mam [in English] ✨

There is something special that happens when we come together with the intention to take care of ourselves, each other and to share our truths. In circles we create space to say out loud the things that cannot be voiced elsewhere, find echoes of recognition in each other’s stories, integrate learnings and find new strength.

We continue the age-old tradition of women’s circles where we share the unique experiences of this time and support each other through the initiation that is motherhood.

Who is this for?

Welcome all mothers, moms-to-be and elders in different places along your motherhood journey.


This time is for you. If you can easily do so, come without your child/ren, so you can be present more fully. However, not having someone to mind your child should not keep you from coming. Especially babies younger than one year usually feel quite comfortable with us and we will take care of all the children together.

Theresa Fend is a facilitator, community builder and climate activist. Previously her work focused on fostering regenerative cultures in decentralized networks and international communities. More recently she has been working with and teaching Healthy Human Culture, a framework that explores individual nervous systems and collective dynamics. In early 2023 she became mom of Julek and started to host moms circles. You can find out more at her website.